Magento Inventory Top-7 Tools

Top 7 Inventory Management Tools for Magento 2

Why should you care more about managing your store inventory?  


Wise inventory management is vital for the success of any eCommerce business.  Proper inventory management helps with many issues. Firstly, it helps to improve customer experience by providing flexibility and excluding errors with unfulfilled products due to a possible lack of items in the stock.  


According to a study performed by Veeqo, 70% of customers would purchase a product from a competitor if it was unavailable, rather than waiting for it to come back in stock. 


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Besides, it also helps to improve cash flow and optimize fulfillment, to ensure everything is put and stored correctly and can be packed and shipped to customers in the shortest time.  


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Best Inventory Management Solutions for Magento 2 eCommerce store 


If you run a Magento store, there is a number of tools to help you get your store inventory under control. In this article, we highlight the Top 7 Inventory Tools for Magento:  



 1. Inventory Management by Magestore  

Price starts from $599


Magestore Inventory Magento 2 Extension


This inventory tool by Magestore provides an option to create a single product catalog for all channels and seamlessly sync the product data to exclude any possible errors and manage your multi-warehouse inventory more efficiently.  


You can track your business profit and define the best-selling products, as well as customize UI/UX design to differentiate your business from the competitors.  


You can also use inventory API to connect to external platforms and systems. 



2. Advanced Inventory by Wyomind 

Price starts from $310


magento inventory tool wyomind


With Wyomind, you can easily sync your POS and Magento inventory, create an unlimited number of stock levels, dispatch your orders both manually and automatically. Also, you can display all the points of sale using Google Maps and make setting up your dropshipping easier by notifying the warehouses on all incoming orders.   


A great feature that distinguishes Wyomind from other similar tools is a restricted access option that allows you to create roles and assign permissions for staff members and store owners.  



3. Advanced Inventory Management by Veeqo 

Price starts from $156

inventory magento extension veeqo


Veeqo is an all-in-one solution that not only includes omnichannel inventory management but also handles your store orders, shipping, and returns.  


It has excellent forecasting features allowing you to analyze your sales and define your best selling products, that you can then put in a product bandle, pack, and ship to your customers in just a few clicks.  



4. Multi Warehouse Inventory by Aitoc  

Price starts from $299

Aitor Multi Warehouse Extension Magento 2


An open-source extension for Magento 1 and Magento 2 that allows you to manage your warehouses and automatically offers to choose the nearest one at the checkout, which reduces the time and costs for both customers and your business.   



 5. Multi Warehouse Inventory by Amasty  

Price starts from $349

Amasty Inventory Extension Magento 2


Besides basic features, Amasty extension allows you to unite several sources via stocks and link them to the sales channels. It keeps track of sales, uses built-in algorithms to optimize your delivery costs, set up custom shipping methods, export, and import any critical data. You can also use this extension to edit your products in bulk.  



6. Inventory management by Unleashed  

Price starts from $299

unleashed inventory solution magento 2


This cloud-based inventory solution is great for stores with multiple locations since you can add an unlimited number of warehouses to manage, get access to real-time data on stock levels, costs, and tracking information. You can sync Unleashed with several other platforms, including Magento 2, the extension includes powerful analytics to track your success.   


The solution also has a mobile app that might be helpful for your sales team.   



7. M2e Pro 

Price: Free

M2e Pro Inventory Magento 2


An interesting detail about this solution is that it’s free in case if your business profit is less than $10k a month. Since it is a native Magento extension, you don’t need any API credentials to set it up in your store. It has a robust listing functionality and task automatization that saves you some time and nerves when dealing with your data management routine.  



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