Magento Power BI App Installation Guide

Congratulations on selecting the Magento Power BI App developed by Decima Digital

This app will provide you with quick analytics on Marketing performance, sales trends, opportunities, and other critical KPIs that drive your business

The app is free to use and does not require any code-related modifications

All you need is a Magento API key to start using the app.


Securing the App


You will need to be a user of Microsoft 365 services.

Our app works as a part of Microsoft Power BI and can be installed into your account.

Also, this app requires a Power BI Pro license or higher, as most of the apps are from the Microsoft App Store.

    1. Go to
    2. Open the Apps left menu, and you will see a button Get apps.
    3. Click it and search for Magento Power BI.
    4. Or, just go to the
    5. Click get it now and install the App

Connecting the App to Magento


The sample data is included to help to learn about the app’s functionality, but you need to connect it to your store to use it

Click the link at the top “Connect your data“:


magento power bi connect data


Provide URL to your store without any extra path, just the domain.


connect to Magento power bi


To get an ApiKey you need to do the following:

1. Log in to your Magento Admin

2. Go to the System -> Integrations

3. Click Add New Integration

4. Add integration info: Name, Email, Password


power bi guide


magento power bi istallation



5. Add API – select all

6. Save the integration

7. You will be presented with a screen with 4 fields containing some keys. The Access Token field is the field you need.

8. Or, click the Edit button of this new integration and copy Access Token


magento power bi guide


For Magento 2.4.4+ there might be required to enable OAuth Access Tokens, Configuration > Services > OAuth

The third required field – Load Data From – gives the opportunity to choose the month to start the uploading from.

power bi magento



Note! Due to the PowerBI limitations for the initial data load, we can’t tell for sure what time period can be shown without failing. Try to start with the smaller period and enhance it as it goes smoothly. If the report fails to load, decrease the time period.

Give it some time to import all the required data from your store. It is stored in your Microsoft account for your Power BI user and is not available to the app vendor in any way.

Based on the number of orders you have, this process can take 30min up to 2 hours.

Learn more about the purpose of dashboards here