Magento Power BI

Connect Microsoft Power BI app with your Magento store with a click

Magento Power BI
eCommerce analytics from data to decisions.

Magento Power BI is a pre-configured app built especially for Magento-based online stores. Power BI app contains powerful reports and a dashboard to give you a solid view of your financial and operational results based on data available on your Magento website. Our app is a direct Magento 2 Power BI integration without any additional development time. You just need to download Magento Power BI app and connect to your Magento store

Why to use Magento Power BI app

power 1

Clearly understand Magento store performance, sales trends, and opportunities and make quick, data-driven decisions on how to increase online store sales

power 2

Keep the focus on high-value leads and actionable insights without getting lost in the numbers and build an effective marketing campaign for the e-commerce website

power 3

Get comprehensive Power BI e-commerce dashboards using only one tool with a direct connection to your Magento online store

What’s Inside

Analysis of order trends, statuses

Customer analysis & Marketing reports

Comparative reports by years or months

Global sales report & Sales analysis

Magento Power BI Pricing

Magento Power BI

Desktop version

$2 900

Lifetime license /
paid only once

The Power BI file ownership is a version of the application tailored to your needs. This allows you to completely own the work and build your functionality on top of it

Magento Power BI app

Online version


A pre-configured application for Microsoft Power BI with a preset range of reports and dashboards.

All you need is a Magento API key to start using the app. The app is limited to the amount of data you can upload

prebuild reports, API key connection

Magento Power BI app

App customization

Price depends on the level of customization

We can extend the existing Magento Power BI app with any custom report that will be relevant to your e-commerce business

custom development

Magento Power BI reports


strategical power BI
e-commerce dashboards


prebuild interactive
and operational reports


detailed e-commerce
sales analytics indicators

Global Sales Reports

The global indicators for the whole sales period. The tab includes a set of dashboards with information about top products, customers, and categories. Comparison of revenue by website and store, and lifetime revenue results

Lifetime revenue and sales in key geographical areas

Revenue overview by countries ( or cities)

Customer trend – customer growth by months

Top products, categories and clients

Revenue by websites and stores

Sales Analysis

Analysis of indicators for the selected year: top categories, attribute sets, and customers. Analysis of repeated purchases and revenue trends

Sales for the selected period

Revenue by websites, stores, and countries (or cities)

Top 10: products, categories and 10 customers

Repeated purchases and first orders comparison

Online sales from one period to the next

Average Order Value

Connect Magento online store with Microsoft Power BI

Get a solid view of your financial and operational results based on data available in your Magento instance. 

Order analytics

A detailed overview of your order stats. A set of reports will help you understand whether the number of orders placed by customers is increasing or decreasing their statuses and payment types. 

Comparison of orders sum and count

Number of orders by statuses

Number of orders by payment types

Number of orders by countries (or cities)

Number of orders: by customer groups, by store, by website

Average Order Value Analysis

A direct indicator of what is happening on the profits front. It includes an overview of average order value by country, trend, store, website, and customer group

Comparison of AOV (Average Order Value) and number of orders

AOV by countries (or cities)

AOV analysis by customer groups, by store, and by website

Customer Analysis

Understanding how your customers spend money on your website and comparing new customers with old customers. It also has an ABC analysis dashboard to improve inventory management

Comparison report of new customers vs old customers vs clients without accounts

The customer ABC analysis: the most profitable Customers, their number, AOV

Report on new sign-ups and new orders ( new paying customers)

Revenue split by customer groups

Coupon Analysis

Know the result of marketing campaigns by comparing Coupons with Discounts attracted revenue and overview of Coupons attracted revenue

Revenue with coupons in comparison with the overall performance

Customers use coupons compared to the total number of customers

Get a Magento Power BI desktop version and discover full access to the analytics and reports

Lifetime ownership costs only $2900

Comparative Analysis & Detailed Overview

In-depth comparisons of main indicators, like revenue, customers, and AOV by months. 

Comparative revenue report by selected period for two different years

Comparative reports by average order value

Comparative reports by new customers

Comparative reports by coupons with the total number of customers

Sales Change Analysis & Detailed Overview

Overview of top product growth and drops by months and years, with the possibility to select a more precise period. 

Revenue comparison reports of top 10 products growth and drops by years and months

Change reports on number of top 10 products growth and drops

Change reports on top 10 countries' revenue

Revenue comparison reports on top selling attributes

Change reports on sales by stores and by payment types

How to use Magento Power BI app

Magento Power BI app directly connects to your Magento store using Magento API or database connector and pulls all related data to the Power BI for analysis 

Download app on Microsoft AppSource 

Get an API key from your Magento admin page

Connect Power BI app with your Magento online store