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From the First Conception
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From scope to design to development, we have a vast experience of building successful Magento websites, that increase customer acquisition, conversion rates and ROI.


Challenges​ eCommerce owners face


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Business is only offline,
no eCommerce component


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Missing or few cross-system integrations​


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Poor performance with the current solution


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Lack of developer resources   


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The current mobile version is not user-friendly 


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Poor order fulfillment on the existing website


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Limited website functionalities


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Too many technology solutions in the market


How we can help

Magento for Small and Medium Business

If you are ready to accelerate your business with an efficient online shop at an affordable price, Magento is an all-in-one system that will grow with you. We created Decima Accelerator to match the needs of small and mid-size businesses. Now you do not need to delay the development of the new website; with Decima Accelerator, you can get your business online in weeks and for a reasonable cost without losing quality


Decima Accelerator for SMB’s merchants

Magento Pre-design Store

With this program, we help you launch your business idea with Magento latest version and pre-built design of your choice.

You will get a feature-rich online store with integrated shipping and payments tools and a configured Magento platform according to your business needs. You get your online store live in weeks, not months. 

Tailor-made Online Store

You will get an online store with a tailor-made design with several concepts so that you can select the best fit for your business; it will include all needed functionalities, shipping, and payments providers. 

We help you migrate your data from the previous platform to Magento and set up our handpicked package of useful tools for marketing, SEO, and store management

Magento Custom Development

Our certified Magento developers are experts in building fully functional eCommerce solutions. We build to best practice requirements the highest quality of custom requirements compatible with all Magento versions. Decima digital team helped many brands to reach their online commercial goals

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Magento PWA

No more separate iOS, Android, or Windows apps for your eCommerce website – with PWA, you can take advantage of one platform and provide an app-like experience for your customers. Our team delivers scalable and reliable PWA solutions based on proven techniques and vast experience.  

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Magento Integrations

We help business partners to plan, select, and implement the most appropriate business technologies, including Power BI, ERP, POS, CRM, warehouse management, and logistics. We transform your business works by delivering end-to-end digital systems that connect suppliers, online stores, and customers  

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Magento Support

Worried about support? Support is key! Our team provides comprehensive support at all stages of your project. We will help your online business grow by monitoring your eCommerce store’s performance and improving it with the latest updates  

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Magento Audit

Understanding potential risks and issues within your site are crucial to the success of your business. Utilize our expertise and get in-depth technical analysis. We’ll help you understand precisely how Magento fits into your business, helping ensure it’s seamlessly integrated within your internal and external processes  

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Get BI analytics of your Magento store with a click

Understand performance, sales trends and make data-driven decisions. Magento Power BI app is free and does not require any additional setup

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Our Process –
SCRUM Inside

The Scrum methodology provides continuous improvements and development and ensures that the development process is as streamlined and efficient as possible. By having each team member take equal ownership of the project’s success, we avoid organizations’ pitfalls where each role is isolated. Team unity leads to higher productivity and less lost time. Simply put, more gets done, and our clients spend less.  



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Each sprint is planned to provide an increment of working software with minimal technical debt 



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Feature demos to the client helps transparency eliminates common misunderstandings  



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Every sprint delivers progress in the form of new features or building blocks for the future



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Proper planning of increments and constant control minimizes delays



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Scrum methodology helps provide a predictable cost of the overall project and correct it after each increment   



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Quality is embedded in a software increment to provide consistent and regular delivery





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