magento 2.3.1

How to Upgrade My Magento 2.3.1

Recently, Magento announced minor release 2.3.1. with security patches, improvements and bug fixes, which is worth to be installed if you currently on 2.3.0.


Usually, applying minor version upgrades should not introduce any surprises. Meanwhile, once you decided to jump over the middle version, it’s the true pain point.


  • How to upgrade my Magento 2?
  • What would it cost me?
  • What time is required for the upgrade?
  • Who can do it for me?
  • How to minimize upgrade risks?


Here are some bullet points which Merchants and SI should know and consider planning Magento upgrades.


1. Consider Backward Incompatible Changes


Before upgrading code, it is worth to check custom code and community extensions in terms of using legacy code or removed solutions.

Magento documentation shares a list of backward incompatible changes between releases:


2. Community Extensions Compatibility


Ask extension vendors about new extension version or find suitable extension on a market. An extension should be fully compatible and tested with the latest Magento version.


3. Upgrade Project Repository and Apply Database Updates


Update composer with latest Magento Core code version. Run DB updates to make sure that operations will be executed correctly and won’t corrupt live data.

Use Magento DevDocs:


4. Code Stabilization


Code Stabilization is an iterative activity to make your custom code fully compatible with the latest Magento version.

–         QA performs several iterations of testing critical functionality.

–         Developers fix all critical findings (P0, P1, P2).

The heavier code is customized, the longer time is required to stabilize it.


5. Go Live


Prepare Cut-over Plan to avoid surprises and minimize risk during the upgrade. Good Cut-over Plan covers all upgrade steps (checklist) as well as rollback procedure, just in case if something goes wrong during deployment.


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