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E-commerce Platform Comparison: What’s the Right Solution for Your Business?

E-commerce Platform Comparison: What’s the Right Solution for Your Business?

Whether you are planning a new online store or want to migrate to the existing one, choosing the right platform is a vital step for you. And it’s not a secret that not one-size-fits-all, and every eCommerce platform has its own strengths and weaknesses.

As an eCommerce development company, we are using and reviewing lots of online store systems for our customers. We have selected the best eCommerce platforms and compare their features and pricing. So before starting your online shop look at this comparison chart.

MagentoB2C business
B2B portals
$45K per year
User friendly
Highly customize
Cost of
Unsuitable for
ShopifyB2C small
medium business
From $29
per month and 2.9%+30¢
per transaction
Quick & easy
set up
No tech worries
Mobile ready
Not suitable for
complex stores
Difficult to customize
OpenCartB2C small
medium business
FreeEasy setup
Set of reports
Low running costs
Required programming
Not suitable for
large scale businesses
OroCommerceB2B business
B2B portals
$45K per year
The speed of development
Flexible B2B workflows
B2B role structure
Limited extension
Required programming
PrestaShopB2C small
medium business
FreeEasy to install
Has limited
features for free
Limited scalability
No official support team
ShopwareB2C small
medium business
From $199
per month
user interface
Quick setup
Lack of B2B features
Community edition
does not include support
Commerce Cloud
B2B business
B2B portals
Depends on
business size
Online marketing features
Predictive Sort
Offer smart search
Need to pay for
Deployment time
VolusionB2C / B2B small
medium business
From $ 29
per month
Many features available
Wide integration
No transaction fee
Has the extra charges for
basic features
No blogging option
Slower load times
Cannot sell
digital products
BigCommerceB2C small
medium business
From $ 29.95
per month
Easy to use
control panel
SEO friendly
Marketing apps
Lack of ownership
Can be costly for
large business
WooCommerceBB2C small
medium business
FreeWordPress based
Low shop costs
Quick setup
Variety of free
and paid plugins
Required coding skills
Limited functionality



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