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Stronger Together: Decima Digital Now a Proud Partner of Microsoft

Stronger Together: Decima Digital Now a Proud Partner of Microsoft

We are proud to announce that Decima Digital is now an official partner of Microsoft.

Decima Digital has recently been named Microsoft Partner. This status enables us to offer advanced and premium services and solutions for small and mid-sized business clients.

Through Microsoft partnership, we are able to provide area business with:

  • Office 365
  • Integration – ERP, applications
  • Power BI and AI
  • Managed Services and Consulting
  • Web development

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The Microsoft solutions automate business workflow from end to end and make work more productive and enjoyable.

We are proud to be a Microsoft partner and offer companies the best possible services and products to reach business goals faster. Thanks to the industry-leading solutions at our portfolio and high-level developers in our team, we are able to build Microsoft products to meet the needs of every business

Want to learn more about Microsoft services that Decima Digital can offer for you? Contact us [email protected] 



Yaroslava Upatova

7 years experience in strategy, digital & direct marketing for startups and enterprise-level companies. She has conducted numerous workshops on digital transformation for IT agencies, pharma companies, and retail brands.

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