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Decima Digital Gets Featured as a Leading Magento Developers

Decima Digital Gets Featured as a Leading Magento Developers

There are 1.5 billion live websites on the Internet, and Magento powers 18 million of them. This makes it a solid 1.2% of all the Internet which speaks of the power and popularity of the Magento platform. And also hints at the level of competition among experts and developers.  Over the past 15 years, our team has striven to deliver the best possible Magento experience. Ranging from custom Magento extensions to developing eCommerce websites from scratch, our team remains passionate and fully committed to it.

Therefore, it’s our pleasure to share this little victory and announce that Decima Digital got featured by the eCommerce Development Rating Platform as one of the Top Magento Developers. As an Adobe Partner, we continue building well-designed and highly functional Magento-based online stores for our clients all over the world, providing high-quality ‘head to toe’ offerings and services.

eCommerce is a rapidly growing sector that is expected to reach $4.9 trillion by 2021. Since digital technology got strongly bonded with our everyday life, an online presence is now a necessity for any business. Decima Digital team has been dedicated to the world of eCommerce and Magento for the past 15 years, constantly pushing the limits to deliver better solutions for our clients.


Looking to set up a Magento online store or tune-up your current webshop?

If you’d like your business to live up to its highest potential, feel free to reach out to our experts and our team will be happy to help you achieve better results.


Yaroslava Upatova

7 years experience in strategy, digital & direct marketing for startups and enterprise-level companies. She has conducted numerous workshops on digital transformation for IT agencies, pharma companies, and retail brands.

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