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Consumers Behavior During the Covid-19 Pandemic: 5 Tips to Keep Your Customer Retention

Starting from January 2020, Covid-19, a new virus disease, has been influencing our lives in every possible way. Not only the coronavirus outbreak caused losses to businesses in many industries, but it has also changed the way consumers shop for their goods. Therefore, in these uneasy times, it’s critical to adapt your business to the fast-changing ‘new normal’ tendencies.   


 So how does coronavirus change the purchase decisions exactly?   


Since WHO declared SARS-CoV-2, or Covid-19, as most of us know it, a global pandemic on March 11, it became clear that the impact of the virus is irreversible. The general advice for people all over the world was to stay home, wash hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer and wear a medical mask and disposable gloves for protection from possible contact with the virus.   


Such world-wide recommendations caused a spike in personal protection equipment sales, sometimes creating a deficit of these products due to the high demand.   


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The lockdown regime, implemented in a number of countries, also encouraged people to shop more for basic necessity items and buy extra products, often in a bulk.   


To help you better understand people’s shopping behavior during the pandemic, Nielsen defined 6 stages of behavior shifts related to the way the situation escalates.   


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As the danger of Covid-19 increases, the government strongly advises people to stay self-isolated and avoid communication with other people unless there is an urgent necessity. It also applies to shopping habits, since people are asked to shop in the local grocery stores only. These and other restrictions, like closing public places and banning gatherings, are designed to focus on people’s health and safety, making it a top priority.    


Given the circumstances, it’s essential for retail businesses to re-think their strategies.


Here are 5 tips that might help your company adjust to the pandemic situation:   



  1. Monitor Changes in Customers’ Behavior 


The coronavirus pandemic made consumers much more health-conscious. As we mentioned previously, there’s an obvious increase in the demand for safety and wellness equipment, as well as for basic necessities items such as food and medicine. You can keep track of the latest trends using data-driven pages like CovidTracker from Amperity.   



 2. Develop Your Own eCommerce Site or Improve the Existing One   


According to Numerator, 15% of those who placed an online order in the past month, have done it for the first time ever or for the first time in the past 6 months.    



online shopping increase stats


So, if you don’t have an online presence yet, you might consider setting up an eCommerce store to give your customers an option to make safe purchases online.   


If you already have an online store, we suggest you invest some more time into making it as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, since the large number of elder people, who are not too tech-savvy, are also switching to online shopping.   


If you currently have a Magento 1 eCommerce store, we suggest you consider migrating to Magento 2 



3. Integrate Click&Collect and Home Delivery  


To ensure your business keeps operating while following all the safety recommendations, you might also set up a delivery service for your customers, or create an option to make an order online and collect it at your physical store.   



 4. Omnichannel Integrations and Social Media Marketing   


Creating and keeping a strong connection with your existing and potential customers should probably be one of your main focuses now. Especially with the rise of experience-driven marketing strategies. We recommend you be even more attentive to your clients and ensure they get the best possible experience with your service. You can also consider implementing a CRM solution to help you better understand your client audience or one of the Top 5 PIM solutions to manage your product data more efficiently.   


Let’s not forget about the Social Media part. There has been an increase in how much time people spend on social media and, therefore you can use social media platforms to promote your products to a larger group of people. Creating an online presence for your company can also contribute to building a strong relationship with your target audience.   



 5. Product quality and branding  


In the times of coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to help your customers adjust and bring value to the ‘new normal’. In order to build trust between your business and a customer, we suggest paying more attention to your product quality and safety standards. Developing a brand messaging that shows that customer’s safety and well-being is a top priority might be a very efficient way to gain consumer’s trust.   



Still concerned that Covid-19 might affect your business? Check out the eCommerce Emergency List to learn more on how to save it!  


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