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Decima Digital's case study for Fresh Farm - European largest online store of ski and snowboard equipment.

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Used integrations: Criteo, PayPal, Amazon, Custom ERP, Magento extensions 

Challenges: Poor platform performance and inability to scale the business 

Solution: Building and launching a new eCommerce platform on Magento 2 with the implementation of custom extensions to speed up Magento performance 

Results: Increased in sales by 30% due to optimized Magento 2 store 


About Fresh Farm


Fresh Farm is the largest online snowboard and ski equipment store in Italy, created by riders for riders. The outburst of COVID-19 affected the future prospects of the business. The online store had experienced a growing demand from overseas users. The previous eCommerce shop lacked the scalability to fulfill the new strategy. In addition, poor online store performance was one of the reasons for the ineffective sales strategy. As a result, Fresh Farm decided to build a completely new eCommerce platform based on Magento 2. 

The initial goal was to improve the performance and scale the business to ally with new transformative changes in the industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was decided that the new website should have included the following features:  

 •  Multilingual option;

 •  New payment options;

 •  Several delivery providers;  

 •  Loyalty boost tools;

 •  Email marketing; 

 •  Design customization;

 •  High website performance.


Based on the “must-have” features above, the company decided to use Magento 2 as the main technology for the new platform. The crucial point for Fresh Farm was to simplify the overall checkout process and increase sales.


How did Magento solutions enhance higher performance and increase sales?


Fresh Farm chooses the Decima Digital team as a trustful Magento partner to build a new e-commerce shop. Decima Digital helped deliver a full-fledged business solution for Fresh Farm’s online store. 

Since the primary goal was to create custom features and improve user experience, we integrate Criterio into Magento 2. Firstly, Magento 2 made it possible to collect and categorize items which significantly improved user experience on the platform. Secondly, the parameters which Criteo offers are perfectly matched with that of the products data parameters of Magento. Thus, data and performance at scale, as well as measurable ROI are core aspects of success provided by the Magento 2 Criteo integration. 


Fresh Farm case


Previously the platform did not have a detailed product description while the checkout process took several steps which was quite time-consuming. So, Decima Digital implemented the design of the new eCommerce shop displaying the main characteristics of products helping customers to choose the best possible option for purchase.

Since the company provides a huge range of ski and snowboard equipment to customers around the world, extended filters and customized delivery and payment methods quickly turned out to be the key features. Our team enrich the range of filters and implemented a complex Mega Menu due to Magento extensions. We added different delivery options based on the customer’s location. In addition, we implemented different payment integrations like PayPal and Amazon to increase business efficiency.



Fresh Farm filter



Now, the company is able to quickly address customer orders thanks to the automation of the eCommerce checkout process. We simplified the process and created a one-step checkout. As a result, the checkout became more dynamic while the user can order the item within a few clicks.


The perfect solution for a coherent eCommerce system


Integration with Magento extensions allowed to expand of Magento solutions with powerful new features and functionality, like pre-order and automatic related products features. Moreover, the Decima team created a new type of product – gift cards. The logic of the product’s exchange feature was improved, too. Magento extensions allowed to generate feed for Criterio integration and integrate Mail Chimp into the system to supplement business strategy.

While implementing a custom ERP system, we created a coherent ecosystem where all units are connected and all worked to increase workflow efficiency. Custom ERP integration hugely benefited the warehouse employees, so they would easily operate the data about the product description, customer details, and delivery options in one place.



As a result of building a new Magento 2 store, Fresh Farm was able to increase sales by 30% and focus on the international market. To provide the ultimate range of services for this project, Decima Digital used a robust engine that includes the following three components: Magento 2, Criteo, and custom ERP integrations. All three elements power the network with the best-in-class solutions developed to serve the same goal – improve user engagement and drive sales.

fresh farm


FreshFarm is a European sporting goods shop and travel agency based in Italy. The online store is specialized in providing ski and snowboard equipment for everyone who has a passion for winter sports.


Sporting Goods

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Performance optimization


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Fresh Farm

Used integrations: Criteo, PayPal, Amazon, Custom ERP, Magento extensions  Challenges: Poor platform

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